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Imagine a world of pure silence. Roofed by a purple sky, crisscrossed with pink blossoms, which fly tenderly in the wind. Endless woods and fragrant flowers fill your view. They let you enter this world. You walk around, feeling serenity. Warm days balmy nights, covered with stars. Restless you’re discovering your paradise.

A huge tree is imposing in the middle of your world; old, lost…beautiful. You step closer. Whispers enwrap its branches. Suddenly, your gaze is captured. An apple, perfect in form and colour is enlightening the moment. You cannot turn yourself away, you spread your hand. Esurience? There is no such feeling here. Avarice? Improvidence? Yes, that it must be. You’re touching the apple and the gate falls shut. There you are standing now captured beyond rods, trying to reach the paradise and harvesting darkness. Waiting for deliverance you’re watching the apple perfect in form and colour.


Not meant to linger in paradise, not meant to maintain perfection, not meant to reach your Eden…

13.3.08 12:30


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